Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Donald Trump's Views in 2000

Donald Trump wrote a book in 2000 called The America We Deserve. Here are some positions he took.

He's certainly moved to the right, but he seems to be pretty close to the same on immigration (his biggest issue) as he was in 2000.

An Honest Conversation About Race

A truly "honest conversation" about race would include the following facts:

1.) Black on white homicide rate is more than twice as high as the white on black homicide rate

2.) 90% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks

3.) Any given black and white man are about equally likely to kill a white man while any given black men is about 74 times more likely than any given white man to kill a black man (read that twice if you don't get it the first time)

4.) 50% of black children are raised only by a mother compared to less than 20% of white children

5.) 70% of black children are born out of wedlock compared to less than 30% of white children

6.) Over 30% of blacks have received food stamps at some point in their lives compared to 15% of whites

7.) Black men are far more likely commit a rape than white men, on average

8.) While it's hard to find exact numbers on interracial rape, all the evidence suggests that interracial rape is overwhelmingly black on white with white on black rape being extremely rare

9.) A black college applicant to an elite institution with the same GPA and standardized test scores as a white applicant is five times more likely to get in

10.) Simply being black when applying to college is a bigger privilege than being a legacy or being a student athlete

11.) The average black IQ is 85 compared to the average white IQ of 100

12.) Scientific evidence suggests that the black white IQ gap has a significant genetic component

13.) Despite only being about 12% of the population, blacks commit over half the robberies and murders in most years

14.) Even among hate crimes, any given black is more likely than a white to commit a hate crime, with over 20% of hate crimes being committed by blacks despite being only around 12% of the population

15.) Black men are far more likely to commit domestic abuse than white men are

16.) There is strong evidence that a genetic factor contributes to black men's greater likelihood of being violent

17.) For those who are big into pro LGBT stuff, less than 40% of black people support gay marriage compared to almost 60% of white people

18.) Most surveys find that black people are more likely to be creationists than white people

The list could go on. This is what an honest conversation on race would look like. Sure, it may include slavery (which white people abolished in western nations far before black people in african nations) and Jim Crow. It may include alleged injustices in the legal system (note the word alleged). But, in the end, we have to deal with the fact that, for modern America, white people likely have more reason to be pissed at blacks than vice versa. 

If that were not the case, it would not be considered offensive and hateful to mention these facts in public. If this were not the case, it would not be considered okay (as it is) to make up lies and statistics to try to demonize white people and dredge up anti white hate.

PS: I didn't feel like posting links for all these statistics. They're mostly pretty easy to find on google. If anyone can't verify a certain claim on here, I'll gladly post a link (or explain).

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Black Lives Matter' Wrong About Black on Black Crime

When critiquing the ridiculous black lives matter movement, black on black crime is often invoked. FBI statistics show that, in 2013, 90% of black homicide victims were killed by blacks. Defenders of the movement will counter, often, that this is a distraction. They might point out that the same statistics show 83% of white homicide victims are killed by other whites and thus, according to them, invoking black on black crime is unfair to blacks because all homicide is mostly intraracial. 

This is obviously a poor response. First, there is no major #whitelivesmatter movement claiming that white lives are at risk primarily due to black racism and police. If there were, as there is for #blacklivesmatter, invoking white on white crime might be appropriate. Perhaps even more importantly, while most white homicide victims were killed by other whites, they were not disproportionately killed by whites relative to blacks. Black on black violence is disproportionate.

After we take into account the fact that around 93% of hispanics are classified as white in FBI statistics, we can say that the general population the FBI classifies as white outnumbers the general population classified as black by a ratio of about 6.2 to 1, using the 2010 census. The FBI data also finds that the population of people who killed a white person has white people outnumbering black people by a ratio of.... 6.1 to 1. So, any given black person is about equally likely to kill a white person as any given white person. 

However, the story is different for black on black violence. If we take into account that, in 2013, when we look at people who killed a black person in 2013, there were 11.9 times more blacks than whites. In addition, in the general population has whites outnumbering blacks by a ratio of 6.2 to 1. That means that any given black person is about 73.8 time more likely to kill a black person than any given white person.

To summarize, black on black crime is a unique problem. The main fact to take away from this is that any given white person is about equally likely as any given black person to kill a white person. On the other hand, any given black person is about 73.8 times more likely than any given white person to kill a black person. So, yes, black on black crime is a unique problem in a way that white on white crime is not.


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